Friday, May 27, 2011

Wish List!

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Wet 'n Wild Fast Dry "The Wonder Years" two coats and BAM. Sunshiney yellow.

This was a favorite post of mine as well as many other people's. This is a list where I keep all the e-cigs, parts, and accessories I really would love to have. This list serves two purposes; One, so everyone can see what I'm into and get some ideas themselves, and Two, so I can keep a list of links and descriptions for personal use later! To see any of these products mentioned, simply click on their name and it will take you directly to the page! This list is ever changing, I'll usually let you know when I post a new one, but in case I don't, remember to check back often! If I ever get any of these, I will be sure to link the video here as well!

So here it goes, in absolutely no order other than the order I find them in;
My Wish List under the cut!

  1. Vapor4Life- The Ultimate Starting Kit- This is the COOLEST starter kit I have ever seen. Number one it's only $69, and for the amount of customization, it's totally worth it. You can pick two batteries (Mine would be a Short Automatic in Metallic Green and a Single Logo Manual in Metallic Purple), a Passthrough(!!! I know right) in either auto or manual (My choice is manual, cut off is longer!), a carrying case (I'll take mine in Lavender please, haha), and then scroll through 6 pages of flavors and pick a box of cartomizers (I'm picking 3...chocolate banana and peanut butter cup and red energy!). 
  2. Vapography- EVERYTHING. I don't think you understand, this is the coolest e-cigarette site for girls. Accessories for your accessories, and we all know we love it. Charms, Diamond Wraps (NEED), it's all here. Finally.
  3. My Vapor Store- SparkPlug Starter Kit- HAVE YOU SEEN THIS THING?! And it's only $38.90 so it's not even $40. It's huge and supposed to last a long time and is apart of the "SteamPunk" family (I'll explain in my "Slang" post). And how cool would that be. Honestly.
  4. My Vapor Store- KR808D1- I need these. I honestly feel the need to have these. I want a metallic blue one please. Oh and I would get packs of empty cartomizers and fill them with some 0g liq of something delish. Oh I am just so in love with this thing.
  5. NU Cig USA- Advanced Pro 3 Kit Pink E Cig- It probably won't be the best e-cig in the entire world, but come on. It's cute, pink, has a cigarette case and looks just like a real cigarette (hey they have pink ones in France!).
  6. Electro Vapors- EV Custom 510 Manual Kit- It is. So. Cute. I wanted to branch out from pink but then I saw this and well... it's beautiful. And it sounds like an awesome little unit. Also, they have my favorite case in red (when will someone learn to get pink???), oh and did I mention a solar charger? What was I just saying about "no excuses".....
  7. BoxMods-Little Sister Variable Voltage- It's a box mod, the size of a bic lighter, and comes in pretty colors. I don't even know which one I want :x It doesn't come with anything, so I'd still need to get two high drain batteries with a charger, and an atomizer and some carts (that I'll find matching colors for else where)
  8. NHaler- XS-Haler- WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE?! This is the most beautiful website I've ever laid eyes on. Magnificent. Glorious. I'll take one in black sparkel (24), and hot pink diamond plate (9), and I would kill for the #12 which looks like a glittery pink in the up close photos but it's not on the list (my heart just broke!) but alas....Black sparkles are good enough...sigh.
  9. Spark Plug For Smokers- Though temporarily out of stock...Guys, its a PINK spark plug. Genius!
  10. Ploom- Model 1 and all accessories- This is NOT an e-cig, its a personal VAPORIZER for tobacco.. other than that, I have no idea what it is....but I like it. It's based on the idea of a hookah, and is fueled with butane. And I have no idea what a "pod" is but I want naked and cafe noire. 
  11. First Vapor- vGo Battery in Blue- It's just too pretty. And it has a gem button. Uh...hello.
  12. Vapor4Life- Diamond and Stealth Series batteries-  Ok, these have got to be the coolest battery designs ever. First off the diamond tipped e-cig we all know I've been pining for, preferably in pink, for course. As for Stealth, I'll take the blue in XL, they don't come with an LED but that's part of the allure.
  13. Modern Vapor- Sidesho Supreme Kit- this is one MASSIVE kit. $130 may seem steep until you see it comes with three complete e cigs in some REALLY cute colors (I think white and pink is my fave but black and pink is is green and black...hmm...) and 10ml of juice, 10 pre filled carts, 5 empty carts, a pass through, a personal charging case, and yeah, there is even more than that. Can you say absolutely NEED?!
  14. eSmoke Club- eLiquid DIY Mixing Kit-Ultimate- Everything you need to start mixing your own liquids and at a super good price. 


  1. Have you heard of Volcano ecigs? I think you should check them out. What are your thoughts on blu cigs as well?

  2. Hey Sonic-Sandy,

    I have heard of Volcano but I have yet to try them out. They do look pretty awesome, and I'd like to get my hands on one some day.
    As for blu, I've tried them but I wouldn't own one unless it was given to me. They aren't all they're hyped up to be, in my opinion. Some people like them, but I wouldn't recommend them.

    Thanks for reading!

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