Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Titan Vapors

Titan Vapors

I just got in some juice from Titan Vapors, and let me tell you... I was blown away! When I first got them, I of course immediately opened the package in the car. I opened up each flavor and I already knew just by smelling them- These are gonna be good. Don't forget to go to to get your own! 

So, here's what I've gotten: 

American Hand Rolled Tobacco (100%VG, 16mg)- It promises to taste like the real thing. And really, it kind of does. Maybe a nice higher end cigarette, definitely no Camel or anything, but it does taste like a real cigarette.

Newport Beach (60pg/40vg, 16mg)- I got this only for all of those who ask me for a menthol cigarette. A lot of e-juices taste really super menthol-y. Like eating a mint. And that's not what anyone's looking for. Well, search no more! This is seriously a real tasting menthol cigarette. 

Gummy Worms (100% VG, 16mg)- GUMMY WORMS. It is spot on. It literally tastes like you're eating a bag of gummy worms. It makes my mouth water its so good. It's my new favorite and I cannot put it down. 

Cinnamon Rolls (60/40, 16mg)- This one I'm kind of on the fence about. It tastes really good and sweet, but I don't taste any cinnamon. But, I am going to wait until I get a new atty/cart/cartomizer/etc to give a full opinion. 

Red Titan Energy (60/40, 16mg)- Of course I had to try their Red Bull flavor. It just wouldn't be the same if I didn't. As soon as you open the bottle, you know it's Red Bull. Me and Matt actually stopped to get Red Bull after just smelling it because it smelled so good. Taste wise- It is the best Red Bull liquid I've tried thus far. This IS Red Bull. This is what a Red Bull juice should taste like. Now only if we could find a way to make it cold.... ;)

So basically; These juices are true to flavor. If you want that real cigarette taste, I will pretty much always point you to Titan Vapors from now on. I personally don't care for "real" cigarette flavors, but these are super good and spot on in flavor!

Stay tuned in the next couple of days for a full VIDEO review on the Titan Vapors listed above, as well as a few new units that will be in any day. 

Happy Vaping!

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