Monday, March 19, 2012


I am so in love with this thing. It can handle any cartomizer like a total champ, produces clouds of vapor, and it's freaking gorgeous. There's a lot going on here so check under the jump for more info on the TURBO XL from

There she be, the TURBO XL from Vaprlife. This photo, and all photos, do not do her justice. It's a deep rich hot purple. And it comes in black, sliver, and blue, too!
Besides colors, there's other options to choose from. Vaprlife has a high standard when it comes to safety, so you can choose to have a vented body or not, at no extra charge. The aluminum body itself is incredibly light, all the weight is in the batteries (two 15270 450maH 'protected' Li-ion batteries)
This is the AV model, which means Adjustable Voltage. It ranges from 3.0v to 6.0v by just the turn of a screw. 
To see more information on the TURBO XL check out the website, and the video (that will be linked here once it's up!)

Vape on!


  1. I have to admit, if my wife sees this review she will probably buy one right away. :)

  2. That thing is so awesome looking. I'm not sure I could deal with something that big though. I had an e-power and I had to send it back because it was way too big for me.

  3. Really nice TURBO XL. Love the blog!!!!! If possible, shoot some different exhales at us as straight out gets boring!!!!!
    Love, Norma

  4. seriously you look amazing!!! you are so beautiful :) and it will be an honor for me to meet you ;)