Saturday, February 11, 2012

Karma E-Cigs

This is the Karma Premium kit from (also can be found at, as there is a bit of confusion in the video as you will see.) This is a cute little kit with great vapor production. Read more to hear what I have to say!

So, the Karma. It's your average sized e-cigarette and light enough to hold like a real cigarette. The throat hit is a little lacking, but honestly, with the large cut off and great vapor production, you won't really miss it after a few puffs. The flavors are pretty true to taste, and they even offer a flavor called "Sun Burst" that has Vit. C added in. Sun Burst has a slight orange flavor to it, and its unique to find a juice with vitamins added. I have actually read up on such things, and doctors/pharmacists are actually looking at personal vaporizers (e-cigs) to administer medication because inhalation is one of the quickest ways to get medicine in your body. But anyway!
I really love the entire look and feel of the Karma, and the PCC itself. The PCC is a soft velvety heavy plastic case that you know wont break in a day, and the cigarette comes in white or black, packed in an elegant looking red and black box. The PCC is the coolest part of this kit though. Charge this baby up, and it should keep your e-cigs charged for a week. And, the coolest of the coolest, is the battery bar in the front of the box to let you know your current battery level.
All in all, the Karma is a terrific starter cigarette. It's a two piece which is easier to use, and throat hit can often be "too much" for newbies until they get used to the feeling of vapor v. smoke.
Don't forget to check out on your way out!

Vape on!

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